Pictures from the Z-Fest at Güglingen July 3 and 4, 1999

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Small talk...

... and large items ;-)

Show me yours, I show you mine

And in this corner... three cheers!

Werner Neumeyer-Bubel (JOYCE User Group)

Jörg Schäfer (JOYCE User Group)

Helmut having a snack

Andrea having a break

Alexander, our youngest CP/M user

Fritz Chwolka

Gaby thinking

The inevitable lot

... and another one

Helmut being pronounced Z-User of the year

Helmut and his cup (bavarian style)

Unfortunately only a photo survived of "Z-Bier"

Ladies' corner

Mr. Vogelmann,
our host

Let's get started

Jörg Linder and Uwe Herczeg

Uli Staimer enjoying the hot weather

Alexander Schmid

Alexander Bernotat

Rainer "Daddy" Bernotat

Uli Truppel

Arndt Övermann

Hans-Werner Scholz

The next generation

Robert Sterff (Computerclub Seeshaupt)

Jörgen Seel (SCUG)

Günther Schock

Mrs. Vogelmann

Sunday morning

Arndt and his Kaypro

Helmut and Ga(by)

Say no... to Viruses?

No such "enamel" in e-mail ;-)

Generation Gap? Never!

Roderich Vogelmann

Preparing for departure

... but there's always a reason to stay

Fritz applying hardware zipping algorithm

O.K., then I'll take the Onion Cake!

Roderich's daughter

A visitor from the US

Uli Staimer


Who stole my IP ?!

Irina Herczeg

... a child's game

The "Schafhaus"

All participants of the Z-Fest at a glance

More pictures can be seen on the Z-Fest page of the Joyce User Group